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Orange Radiance Orgone Pyramid - home, water, food protection

Orange Radiance Orgone Pyramid - home, water, food protection

Base Price:$190.00

Orange Radiance Orgone Pyramid

7 inches high (adjustable to 10 feet) 

 home, water, food protection

Quantum Energy Resonance Devices

  • This Orgone Pyramid has a laser crystal point at the apex. Orange radiates joy, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, determination, healthy environment, happiness and creativity. Real vortex spirals are suspended in windows on each side of the pyramid to amplify the energy flow. Pure copper, iron, and aluminum metal shavings. Attach 3/4 inch copper pipes of any length up to ten feet. It’s functional uses are limitless.
  • Place pyramid centrally in one’s living space to dissipate inharmonious EMF emissions, enhance health and healing – breath easy.
  • Add copper pipes of 4 – 12 inch lengths for cleansing and charging items such as water and other liquids (preferably in glass bottles), food, house plants, gemstones, seeds, etc. Place item underneath pyramid for one hour or more. (Idea: place a shallow cardboard box filled with sand as a base under the orgone pyramid to accentuate the energy force – place item on sand under the pyramid.)
  • Add copper pipes of 4 to 5 feet length to sit, work, meditate or sleep under. Promote peace of mind, enhance cell regeneration, stimulate anti aging, and more.
  • Add copper pipes of 5 to 10 feet and place outside to enhance garden growth, disperse EMF emissions in the surrounding area.

Please note: One may want to use PVC pipe extensions for indoor applications due to it's softer qualities and copper pipe extensions for outdoor applications due to it's high energy sensitivity. Also, for best results, if using PVC pipes - align the pyramid due North; and if using copper pipes - align the pyramid to the magnetic north - though this alignment is not a requirement.

How They Work

   The Harmonizer devices consist primarily of concentrated organic matter in the form of resin; inorganic matter in the form of metals; and conductors in the form of crystals. The  organic resin exerts negative ionic charges and the inorganic metals exert positive ionic charges.  When housed in such close formation, the excitation of these ionic charges act as magnetic energy generators (orgone) - drawing in subtle energies from the environment. In combination with quartz crystals and other semi-precious stones, these magnetic energy generator devices continuously transmute (on a quantum level and in elegant scalar resonance) lower incoherent energy drawn in from the environment into higher coherent frequencies inherent in the crystalline signatures of the stones. These higher frequencies are continuously generated, transmitting vibrations of harmony & balance out into the environment and into one's energy fields.

Block of water
Harmonized Water

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