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Powdered Incense - Handcrafted here at the Monastery

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Powdered Incense - Handcrafted here at the Monastery

Powdered Incense - Handcrafted here at the Monastery

Base Price:$1.50

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Sage Leaves
Cedar Powder $3
Sage / Cedar / Lemon Balm Powder
Pine/Sage / Lemon Balm Powder
Sage / Cedar/ ALoeswood Powder $3
Sage Powder $3
Nahziryah Monastic Community EcoVillage Handcrafted Incense

Incense for burning on charcoal
Basil, Sage, Cedar, Pine, Lemon Balm ...
organically grown, cared for and prepared here at the Monastery

Powdered Incense

10 gram bag 
a few 30 gram bags

Information on healing properties 
For centuries the fragrance of incense has been utilized to stimulate the conscious mind through the sense of smell. 

BasilHoly herb used extensively throughout India. Mental clarity, relaxation,  strengthens memory.
Calming, soothing, enhances concentration
Healing, protection, purification, grief 
Purification, balance
Lemon Balm:  
Longevity, stress, fatigue
purifying; relieve suffering
Clairvoyance,  harmony, inspiration, knowledge, love, meditation, peace, mental protection, disperses negativity, wisdom
Cleansing, energizing  

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