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Sage Leaves

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Sage Leaves

Sage Leaves

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Sage Leaves

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Burning Resins or Powders

Use cup, bowl or incense burner deep enough to fill with earth or sand. Light charcoal on bottom edge until coal begins to ignite, sit charcoal on earth or sand within burner. Let sit for a brief period; until the coal has started to glow, then place resins or powder on charcoal. These coals will burn for an hour or so. Continue to place resins or powder on charcoal as they burn out and smoke decreases for a continuous burning. Once charcoal is lit, it should burn out thoroughly for the full period of time; it can not be extinguished and re-lit at another time.

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Properties of Sage include: For centuries it has been used to strengthen memory, stimulate the conscious mind thru the sense of smell. Clairvoyance, domestic harmony, inspiration, knowledge, love, meditation, peace, mental protection, wisdom.

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