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"I just want to reach out and thank you for the quality of the products and the free CD and orgone pendant. I can't believe it! I initially found your site looking for quality Egyptian Musk (which I didn't even get this time lol). 
I am wondering what is the best way to use my gem elxirs (I got the rose oil with moonstone, and Lavender oil with tourmaline), and the amber resin.
I have applied the oils to the inside of my wrists, temples and neck area and have done the same with the amber. Is the amber meant to be burnt?

Even though I am a Christian I appreciate these products and will be a loyal customer. I can't wait to order frankincense to burn while I pray, and the Egyptian Musk!
Thank you so much for your wonderful presence. I wish i lived closer so I could visit the center.

Blessings, Alexandra"

"It seems like you are the loveliest and most sincere people I have met! My order came so quickly and I love the oils , they are of such great quality. I have tried to purchase oils over the years from others but the quality is not the same. Also to receive such a lovely gift of the Orgone Harmonizer means so much and most would never do such a thing in this materialistic world. Have to be honest I need this so very much! Cannot place into words the respect I have for your community and your commitment to living in such a pure life and with the direction of a wonderful and very spiritual person as Rev. Nazirmoreh! To be honest Purple is and always has been my "favorite color" I feel so connected to my spiritual side when wearing that color! Thank you! I am a forever customer! All you offer is so important to the spiritual life!  Peace and love" C. W. (NY) 

"My order arrived so quickly and I am so happy with my products. My Kush incense is truly divine and I purchased Harmonizers as gifts and they are beautiful. I really love my gift from you of a Harmonizer and am wearing it tonight and looking forward to it's effects. My oils, and everything I received today immediately made a difference in my total attitude and have a calming effect. Thank you for providing these beautiful and amazing products. I am enjoying reading your literature about your Community. I am considering coming for a retreat at the Community and would like to thank you in advance for the opportunity. I will fill out the proper paperwork and submit to you. Once again, thank you. I send you love and light. Blessings and peace be with you and the Community."   K. C. (FL) 

"Such a wonderful surprise! I was given your web site by a friend in Spain. My usual source did not have myrrh and I am glad they were out of it because what I received from you is fabulous! And the built-in glass applicator in the lid is a double bonus; I do not care for the roll-on applicators. The essence is rich, alluring, provocative yet not screaming. I will be back. Your service and prompt attention to all details of the order is not often found today and it means so very much. (you might want to put a link on your site for easier testimonials) Yours in enlightenment."  B. R. (Pa)

thank you always for the best incense in the world!! PEACE

I've been ordering from you a few years now and your oils are truly the best.   May your products always be true.  Take care.

This is my third order with the Purple People. I am so taken by the care and love with which the packaging is done and the speed of delivery is excellent too! I am a customer for life. Your good word is being spread in my family and friends and thank you for the wonderful service you provide.  -
 B. P (Virginia) 

Dear All, I have received my order and want to express how much I love it! It is perfect! I was so excited to see it in the mail and when I opened it I was already so pleased with the bracelet that it was such an extra joy to see that you included two beautiful rings as well, at no charge because you said my bracelet took so long to arrive. I just can't express enough of how much love and thought I felt came along with my order. The personal note and careful packaging really spread the love that is present within you....thank you so much! I can't wait to be able to order more jewelry from you, and I am going to tell all my friends of your wonderful site! Much love, -
 J. Y.

Peace be with YOU!
Thank you always! Thank you for the CD & tester I receive with my last order.
Love you, XoXo, Sissy

Yay! Thank you All of You for everything! I look forward to ordering more from your site, and telling others who are far the oils are great! The Egyptian Musk is different from the one that I previously had, but I love it! I am also looking forward to my bracelet arriving, I really appreciate all the time and love you have put into it. I will be listening to the complimentary tape soon, as well! Thanks again! Much Love and Peace – J. Y.

Please disregard my inquiry about my order. I just received it today and am pleased as usual. You all do such a nice job and the scents really are so wonderful. Thanks again. I look forward to doing more business with you.. Bright blessings....A. R.

I took time out to say you-
all are wonderful...All of my oils are fantastic...what an excellent service I found true very nice people an what a nice gift.. why thank-you very much. I SALUTE you all for your excellent service...THANK YOU SO MUCH.. PEACE BE WITH YOU.....  C. J.

I just cant get enough of your oils, they are just wonderful!! M. K. (New Jersey)

Udja Reverend,
I recieved your product and I am delighted. Expect future orders.

 D. O.

You have the most wonderful scents on the planet! Thank you. I will always continue buying from you!  -
 N. C. (Washington)

Dear folks,
Thank you for sending me so promptly the essence oils I ordered. They are of super quality and I love them all. Thank you as well for all of the free additional material you sent, including the beautiful magnet. I am very impressed with your service as well as your philosophy. Best regards,  -
 B. L.

I have searched for awhile for green rose I came across your web sight and found it. So happy – G. A. (Georgia)

Received the beautiful incense Thursday. thank you thank you -
 perfectly wrapped. 
Also, I am so grateful for my presents -
 the adorable mirror and my most favorite recording in the world. I had given my copy of "Rain of Blessings" away. 
peace, love, and light to all of you. Namaste – A. N.

I love your essential oils. The care you take with every order is wonderful. Thank you! -
 K. B. (Washington)

I bought Some Nag Champa oil at the Wakarusa Festival. I didn’t have much but I had to buy the small nag champa oil because it was the most beautiful nag champa  I have ever smelled. I just wanted to say thank jah bless jah and the woman who sold me the oil was also quite beautiful :)  Love from cheyenne wyoming – G. S.

Hello I'd like to thank you for the wonderful incense! You offer great service and product to help what seems to me like a great community. Everything from the all recycled shipping material to the incense made with help from the local fallen leafs from near your community was enchanting! Keep it up and much love & respect to Reverend Nazirmoreh K. B. Kedem seems to be a great guide and teacher. – J. M.

Thank you for my 1st order from your concern – it arrived safely and promptly. Also, thank you for the “value extra” book The 100th Human, which I’ll eventually read. Greetings form Western New York. T. S.

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful oils. I have used many different brands of essential oils and yours is the best I have ever purchased and had the pleasure of using.  K. S. (Michigan)

i'm still testing your products. i'm very happy with my incense selection received. i absolutely love the scents, so soothing and energizing at the same time. pure, moody, lovely.....thank you so much. i'm so happy to have found you!!
L. C. (California)

Dear Reverend, 
The lavender cones have been a blessing to our home. we moved here in 1998 and had no idea we where sitting on a hot spot for paranormal activity. my wife is clairvoyant and I have some abilities also. after much research on the land here. we learned we had graves in our front yard dating back to the 1800's. we tried the Indian sage not much help with that one. then the wife found your cones, for those living in haunted places I highly recommend the lavender cones. the wife also said to tell you she wished we could find a Reverend like you to come to our home. We wish you many blessings for the peace you have brought to us. I am sending you a picture of a spiritual spinal column we took in august of 2007. we also learned the property was part of a civil war battle field. J. Q. (GA)

Thank you very much. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. you have wonderful products and I am happy to be able to share them with friends! Peace be with you as well. thanks again! C. W.

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