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Gem Elixirs - choose from over 200 essence oils
short roll on bottle gem elixir - $12

Gem Elixirs - choose from over 200 essence oils

Base Price:$12.00
  • By placing a gemstone in the essence oil of your choice, the properties inherent in the gemstone are imbued into the oil - blending with, accentuating, and expanding the healing properties/vibrations of both the stone and the essence oil.

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Gem Elixirs

offered in short rollon bottle $12

To create your Gem Elixir: 

Below is a full list of gemstones available along with their healing properties and a list of suggested aroma therapy oils.  Just find the healing properties of the gemstone and oil which most attracts you...

Full List of Gem Stones

Amber -  Charged with solidified golden light. Healing, soothing, stabilizing, harmonizing. Opens the doors of the mind to higher realms.

Amethyst - Blood cleanser & energizer. Helps alleviate addictions. Purification & regeneration on all levels of consciousness - purple is a color of the highest spiritual vibratory rate. Meditative,  divine love, inspiration.

Aquamarine - Purifies the body, gives clarity to the mind, calms the emotions. Inspirational. Assists in dispelling fears and phobias. Creative expression, meditative.

Azurite - Vitalizes energy flow through nervous system, strengthens blood, cleanses the mental body. Aid to clear meditation. Creativity, intuition, transformation.

Citrine - Cheerful, lighthearted, golden rays of hope. Warming, energizing. Detoxification on all levels -physical, mental, emotional. Disperses self-destructiveness. Assists in awareness of higher Self. Attracts abundance.

Fluorite - Strengthens bones/ teeth, assimilation of nutrients. Powerful physical healer. Grounds excess energy, improves concentration, meditation.

Hematite - Relieves stress, energizing. Assists blood circulation. Will, courage. 

Lodestone - Aligns energy field. Magnetic, attractive element. Powerful healer.

Moonstone - Emotional balancer, relieves anxiety & stress. Assists in birthing, female imbalances. Calming, align emotional body with higher Self.

Quartz Crystal - Amplifies thought energy. Meditation, visualization, aid in consciousness expansion & further spiritual development.

Tourmaline - Powerful healer - balances endocrine system, vitalizes body and mind. Highly electromagnetic. Dispels fears & negativity. Protective. Concentration, inspiration, understanding.

Turquoise - Strengthens entire physical body, tissue regeneration, blood circulation, respiratory system 

Glossary of Oil Suggestions: 

Acacia  - Relieves stress, nervous exhaustion.

Amber - Aid to deep meditation. Healing, soothing, harmonizing. Spiritualizes the intellect. 

Clary Sage - Tranquility, peace of mind, relaxation, confidence, antidepressant, vivid dreams. Strengthens kidneys.  Aids PMS. 

Frankincense - Excellent for meditation, inner strength, intuition, mystical. Calms body/ mind & emotions. Peaceful sleep and pleasant dreams. 

Grapefruit - Vibrant, light, cheerful. Aids in dispersing negativity, depression. Promotes digestion. Tones body, circulation, liver, kidneys, pancreas, gall bladder, nervous system.

Jasmine - Sensual, aphrodisiac. Assists in opening the heart to spiritual realms. Emotionally uplifting, eases depression. Stimulates creativity, dreams.

Joy -  a cheerful blend conducive to contentment and acceptance of life's circumstances.

Lavender - Highly charged purifying/ healing properties.  Eases depression, anxiety, insomnia, headaches. Strengthens immune system, respiratory system. Cleanses birthing room environment, reduces labor pains. Clears negativity from aura & environment. Promotes intuition, inner guidance.

Myrrh - Deep meditation,  mystical, sacred. Promotes inner strength, confidence, courage. 

Melkah - Tranquility, peace of mind,  inspiring.

Patchouli - Assists in dispersing scattered thinking, confusion, depression. Sedative, calms nerves. Skin regeneration- aged, cracked, & other skin problems.  Insect repellent. 

Peppermint - Refreshing, vitalizing. Assists in clearing negativity in aura & environment. Concentration, calms nerves. Eases headaches, digestion, nausea, colds, flu.

Rose - Brightens the heart, romantic, inspirational, beauty, harmony, divine love. Soothes relationship difficulties. Relieves tension, sadness, grief, envy, jealously, resentment, anger. Rejuvenates circulation, nervous system. Aids constipation. 

Sandalwood - Opening, centering. Calms mind & emotions. Very meditative. Relaxing, calming, relieves depression/ stress. Inner strength. 

Tangerine - Light & cheerful. Assists adjusting to life's circumstances. Aids sleep., calming. Stimulates digestion.

Vetiver -Tranquility. Balances connection with earth. Aids in development of patience & stillness. Deep relaxation

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