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Peace On Earth spring at the EcoVillage

Peace Be With All~

Welcome to Nahziryah Monastic Community EcoVillage Aromatics and Art Crafts. This site is an outgrowth of the Monastery's main website News from Nahziryah and an expanded view of The Purple People Market Place and True Scents Catalog. Under the guidance and direction of our beloved spiritual teacher, the Reverend Nazirmoreh (A.B.R.D.), work and meditate - meditate and work are key ingredients of life living here at Nahziryah Monastic Community/Retreat for Meditation and Wholistic Living. Under the guidance and direction of Reverend Nazirmoreh (A.B.R.D.), this monastic order practices voluntary simplicity, selfless service, self sufficiency. We live a simple monastic community life.

Nestled in the Ozark Mountains, Nahziryah Monastic Community EcoVillage offers incense from around the world, incense accessories, essence oils, pure essential oils, aromatherapy products, meditation supplies, wholistic living supplies, meditative books, recordings, and much more. Many offerings are hand crafted here at the monastery - many of the Monastery's art crafts utilize creative recycled materials. Much love and effort goes into the monastery's art crafts and service...May Love Transcend on Earth. As exemplified in the images above - highlights of the ecovillage include raised bed organic gardens, solar energy, ecovillage maintenance and expansion activties, the art crafts, merchanting at outdoor festivals... and more views to come.


"Always feel blessed when i receive my orders" C. B. (KY)

Hi, I received my order today. Thank you so much. Everything is wonderful. The coolest thing is that I felt like this package was put together with alot of care and love, something we don't see much of today. Will definitely be back to buy more products. I will also tell all my friends. Thank you again 
S. C. (Maine)

Please visit the main website concerning the Community, the Service. 
We are on an infinite journey since beginningless time, 
and there are always heights aheadů

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Featured Products
Creating Prosperity and Anything Else
Creating Prosperity and Anything Else
Price: $16.00
Cuff Bell Bracelet  Available in silver or brass tone
Cuff Bell Bracelet Available in silver or brass tone
Price: $12.00
Divine Connection
Divine Connection
Price: $16.00
Echoes of Egypt
Echoes of Egypt
Price: $17.00
Price: $20.00
Price: $18.00
Yin Yang Anklet
Yin Yang Anklet
Price: $6.00
Yoga Ragas
Yoga Ragas
Price: $18.00