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Essence Oils

Nahziryah Monastic Community EcoVillage's

Essence Oils Offerings

uncut, alcohol free, long lasting

The finest quality essence oils poured into the bottle size of your choice…

You have entered into possibly the only site within this whole wide web which offers over 600 essence, essential, and massages oils poured into the bottle size of your choice. From $2 tester vials up to 2 oz. size bottles (8 oz. size bottles for massage oils) - screw caps, roll-ons, sprays, applicator tops, clear and colored glass, even empty designer bottles.  All this and more, available at ones’ fingertip! 

Nahziryah Monastic Community EcoVillage essence oils are uncut, alcohol free, long lasting… truly some of the best essences available. These high grade oils are excellent for aromatherapy uses; to scent candles; freshen potpourri; in soap making; massage oils; bath oil... and of course, as a perfume body oil - to smell just truly wonderful.
...it's an experience in purple...