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Welcome > Kufi Head Wear

Kufi Head Wear

Cosmic Crowns
Love Crowns

Crocheted Kufi head pieces
Created in your choice of colors and size

Collectively hand crafted here at the Monastery - 
Nahziryah Monastic Community, by the initiated brothers & sisters of the Order, the Nazir Order of the Purple Veil - 
in the degree of the Ascension, 

Kufi Color Chart

Background Information and Glossary

Worn throughout the ages, by people from all walks of life - these head pieces have been called by various names and titles such as Kufi (used here for sake of reference), Kufie, Kowah, Yamaka, Yamakah, Fez, Keepah, Fila, knitted hats, ski caps, skull caps and the list goes on - depending on the circumstance familiar to the wearer. Some wear them for religious observances, some for aesthetics, others to keep warm or stay "cool"  -  still others (consciously or thru an inner knowing or feeling) for the healing vibrations which colors carry. Nazir Art Craft's Cosmic Crowns embrace them all, in All… for there are many paths and many names, yet the Crown remains the same. Herein is a brief glossary listing of some of the healing properties/qualities which colors bring to life.

Black -  attunement to the inner realms, protecting, purifying
Purple - a color of the highest spiritual vibratory rate
Blue -  calming, opens higher levels of communications
Green - healing, growth, harmony and balance
Orange - health, cheerfulness, courage
Yellow - wisdom, inspiration, creative intellect, joy
Red - energizing, vitalizing
White - attunement to the outer realms, radiant light, innocence, purifying

Please note: General sizes are infant, small, medium, large, XL. To a certain extent, Kufis can easily stretch to fit. Wash in cold water (by hand for best results, however can machine wash). Hang to dry.

Whether selecting a Cosmic Crown for spiritual intent; for a spectacular look; to enhance and to heal; or any other practical or expansive view in mind - Nahziryah Monastic EcoVillage creates each Cosmic Crown with Love which encircles and embraces the Oneness of life and enlivens the Cosmos.

Thank you very much.


"I love the love crowns. Thank you for the purple love crown you sent as a free gift. Both times i ordered, the order came in two to three days, which is excellent. I plan on ordering again in a couple weeks. Thank you again and have a good night. "
A. K.


 Products (Total Items: 4)
Solid Kufi Head Piece
Solid Kufi Head Piece
Price: $12.00
Striped Kufi
Striped Kufi
Price: $15.00
Decorative Weave Kufi
Decorative Weave Kufi
Price: $18.00
Decorative Interweave Kufi delux
Decorative Interweave Kufi delux
Price: $21.00